NFG workouts are released 48 hours before each event so for now please see the below for a snapshot of the workouts from our National Fitness Games 2018 event at Loughborough:


Teams had to complete the below in sequence with only one team member working at any one time. Team members could interchange on each station at any time and as many times as they wanted:


  • 200 x Burpees

  • then move onto 1,600 metres run on a TechnoGym SkillMill

  • then row 2,000 metres on a Renegade Air Rower

  • then move onto a Renegade Air Bike for a maximum calorie burn for remaining duration of the 25-minute time cap 


Each team member had one minute to achieve as many reps as possible of the below:

  • 24” Box Jump Overs

  • Plate Ground To Overhead (25kg men, 15kg women)

  • Stones Over Wall then Jump Over Wall (40kg men, 20kg women)

  • 50kg Power Bag Drag Shuttles


Each team had to complete a set number of rounds of team sprints and object carries. The objects were RAZE Stone, RAZE Bale and a RAZE Keg.


Each team member had to achieve their best 3-rep max on each of the below exercises within a 25-minute time cap:

  • Deadlift

  • Strict Press

  • Bench Press