Summit Introduction

Gabby Logan

Adapting to Survive – Gyms & Health Club chains

David Cooper, co-Founder - Gym Box

John Penny, Managing Director - Third Space

Joe Long, Director - UFC Gyms

Adapting to Survive – Independent Gyms

Jean-Claude Vacassin, Owner - IFBA

Ollie Marchon, Owner – Marchon

Tig Hodson, Co-Owner - StrongHer

The Media’s Perspective on the State of the Fitness Industry

Toby Wiseman - Men’s Health Editor

Claire Sanderson - Women’s Health Editor

Thriving in Tough Times - Brands

Dale Beech, Managing Director - Eleiko

Richard Pilbeam, Marketing Manager - Reign

Dan Williams, CEO – WIT

Adapting to Survive – PTs

Khrys Speed – Men’s Health PT

Laura Hoggins - Women’s Health PT

The Future of Sports & Fitness Events

Mark Morgan, Co-Founder – NFG

Justin Clarke, Event Industry Specialist

Roger Woodall, Founder – Bournemouth 7’s Festival

An Elite Sport Perspective on ‘Rising to the Challenge’

Nick Johnston - Athletic Thinking / ex Northampton Saints Performance Director

Richard Ellis – Loughborough University

Tom Wood - England Rugby Player