National Fitness Games - a team-based fitness competition like no other:

INCLUSIVE – No stress to qualify or wonder if you’re “ready,” we will not include any technical lifts or movements such as muscle ups, rope climbs, snatches, etc.  You can expect 4 challenging workouts featuring popular movements such as deadlifts, burpees, sled pushes, box jumps and of course, a bit of running. Regardless of your previous competition experience or fitness level, the NFG event is for you.


PRIZES – NFG is proud to announce one of the biggest prize purses in the industry of £10,000 for the elite competition! And not forgetting the fantastic range of awards up for grabs for all social category winners & runners-up. 


WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES – We all have a special place in our hearts for our regular gym or local sports club, but you can’t beat the feeling of competing or training at iconic venues with world-class facilities. We are excited to be partnering with Loughborough University, Surrey Sports Park & BodyPower Expo in 2019 to give our competitors the opportunity to work out in 3 world-class venues with unrivalled facilities.


WORKOUTS – To put your fitness to the test, NFG workouts have been designed by leading sport & fitness industry experts. Each team will complete the same workouts, in the same order and have the same rest periods as every other team in their category.


TEAMWORK - NFG's workouts challenge not only your fitness, but also your ability to work as a team. Team strategy plays a vital role throughout an NFG event, so brain, as well as brawn, will be required!


Each National Fitness Games event is a true test of overall fitness and will require you and your team to complete four challenges during the day. The challenges will test your team's overall fitness in the following zones: Strength, Endurance, Force & Velocity. 

NFG will challenge competitors irrespective of training background, but no overly technical lifts or movements will be required. 

Further details on the 4 challenges:

  • Each challenge will last approx 25 mins

  • You will have approx. 1-hour recovery time between challenges

  • The challenges have been devised by professional S&C coaches & fitness industry experts

  • The format of each challenge will be the same for all teams 



The rules for each challenge will be fully explained at the event and qualified judges and officials will be present within each challenge arena to ensure that the rules are adhered to.




All competitors will be required to sign an event waiver before competing. Further details on this will be communicated to all competitors prior to the event date.



Click here to enter a team. Please contact us if you have any questions about the registration process.